Merlin and Golden-crowned Sparrow at Mono County Park

Observers: Justin Hite and Kathy Kelley
Email: justinhiteatgmaildotcom
Verification: MONO
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Date: 09/24/2007
Time: 11:01 PM -0400


Beautiful crisp evening with a Merlin 'twinkling' between the Cottonwood trees and scaring every vocally-talented Starling around. Lots of Audubon's and Orange-crowneds in the willows near the lake's edge, and a nice flock of 15+ Chipping Sparrows foraging with Savannah Sparrows on the mudflats. A California Gull grabbed an American Avocet by the leg, shook it for a while, and when the Avocet got away its alarm calls scared up every duck and avocet in the vicinity. As we were leaving we saw a young Golden-crowned Sparrow in a willow right next to the boardwalk.