Millpond Highlights today including a Williamson's Sapsucker

Observers: Deb Parker, Bill Mitchel, Kathy Duvall, Jan Bowers, Steve McLaughlin, Ron & Nancy Overholtz and Larry Nahm
Verification: MONO
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Date: 09/27/2007
Time: 05:36 PM -0400


Perfect weather to walk most of Millpond with our scopes, our first surprise were two Osprey, one on top of telephone poll calling to the other which was hunting over the pond, (probably one of the birds Andrew photographed with the huge fish), many Gambell'w White-crowned Sparrows with a few Oriantha race adults, 100 Chipping Sparrows and many fewer Brewer's Sparrows, a few Vesper Sparrows and a few Cassin's Finches female types, and in a tree with 25 Orange-crowned Warblers (cottonwood near restroom)were 3 Pine Siskins. Also a Great Basin race orestera Orange-crowned Warbler showing a nice gray head, Gray Flycatcher watched for sustained time as it caught bugs and ate them, Western Wood-Pewee, 2 or 3, Olive-sided Flycatcher that only a few saw, Mt.Chickadees,a female Williamson's Sapsucker first fall as she lacked the black breast patch, gray brown plain head, rest of body was pale-brown and white barred except for bright yellow in the belly and a white rump patch only seen in flight. No white wing patches as in the male and other sapsuckers. (location in the junipers w. of restrooms), Western Tanagers. A few of us lingered still searching for the large sparrow flock which we did find up at the snackbar (makes sense!), and there mixed in with the sparrows was a first fall Lazuli Bunting mostly warm brown with wingbars.