Furnace Creek Sparrows/Funeral Rites

Observers: Andrew Howe et al
Email: howe395@yahoo.com
Date: 11/03/2007
Time: 10:50 PM -0500

Tom Wurster, Liga Auzins, Sandy Koonce, Vernon Howe, and I birded Furnace Creek and points south today (11/3). There were a lot of interesting birds out today, many of which were first located by Tom and Liga yesterday afternoon. The “Main” date palm grove hosted 3 WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS and 2 “REDDISH” FOX SPARROWS. The date palm grove between the post office and the golf pro shop held 6 LEWIS’ WOODPECKERS, an AMERICAN CROW, and a HY HARRIS’ SPARROW. A pair of HOODED MERGANSERS was observed on the long pond. A BROWN CREEPER was at Shoshone and three BUFFLEHEAD were at Tecopa Hot Springs. Tom found an EASTERN PHOEBE just up the road from the B&B at China Ranch; additionally, this locale held a RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER, 2 WESTERN BLUEBIRDS, and a female SUMMER TANAGER

In the terrible news department, a large portion of the main [Furnace Creek Ranch] date palm grove is being demolished to produce a solar farm. Nice that they are transitioning to new energy sources, but a pity they have to chop down a bunch of trees in order to do so. Andrew Howe Riverside, CA