Merlin at Millpond today

Observers: Debby Parker, Jan Bowers, Claus & Connie Engelhardt and Ron & Nancy Overholtz
Date: 11/07/2007
Time: 04:55 PM -0500

Our group enjoyed scoping this female Merlin with a dark-brown back probably of the Taiga group. She also had thick dark brown streaks down her white breast & belly and a distinct white supercilium. Her moustachial stripe was weak. Ron spotted her while she sat atop the tallest poplar tree near the pond and Nancy took photos through the Leica Scope (to follow). Later Mountain Bluebirds were seen on Sunland Rd and Claus pointed out a dark morph juv Red-tailed Hawk which he had also seen the day before.

N. Overholtz photos: