Clay-colored, Brewer's Sparrows at Green Gate Cottonwoods

Observers: Chris Howard, Jim and Debby Parker
Date: 11/10/2007
Time: 06:48 PM -0500

This afternoon (10 Nov) there was a brightly plumaged Clay-colored Sparrow contrasting well with a nearby drab-looking Brewer's Sparrow. Both were smaller than the Gambel's White-crowned Sparrows they flocked with. Both spizellas were observed foraging near the tops of rabbitbrush. The Clay-colored had a buffy breast, bold, buffy supercilium and striking face pattern. Both Jim and I noted the pattern was so strong it recalled the appearance of Lark Sparrow. The Brewer's Sparrow is exceptionally late; the Heindel's Inyo graphs show 25 Oct as the late date. This bird had the same proportions as the Clay-colored (small bill, long tail), but lacked nearly all coloration and contrast. Both birds had pale lores.

Clay-colored Sparrow by D. Parker

Brewer's Sparrow by D. Parker