Tinnemaha Reservoir birds Sunday Dec 2nd

Observers: James and Kay Wilson
Email: jkwilson48@aol.com
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 12/02/2007
Time: 10:47 PM -0500


Several sightings of interest, 4 blue-gray gnatcatchers in riparian along creek nw of reservoir, a single swallow that appeared to be a tree, at great distance, all dark above, light below, at times appearing green working over the mudflats on the north end, 3 hooded mergansers, 2 female and one male, one im double crested cormorant on west shore. Single adult bald eagle, an probable im peregrine perched on mudflats at great distance. On our way home across from the dump south of Bishop we had a im merlin, a light one, richardsonii, perched on a fence post eating a killdeer. So close to the car we could hear him removing the feathers. Wow.