Common Loon at Pleasant Valley Reservoir today

Observers: Deb Parker, Bill Mitchel, Kathy Duvall, Nancy and Ron Overholtz and Claus Engelhardt
Date: 12/12/2007
Time: 05:29 PM -0500

Seen at the NW end of the reservoir. Photos to follow. Large loon in basic plumage with large bill. Bill was gray, long and somewhat thick. It would wrap around to beyond the back of head. The head was flat topped, not rounded, dark crown down to dark eye but with white partial eye-ring in front of the eye. White chin and throat but with two dark extensions from the dark neck (back & sides) that extended into the white of front of the neck. This made a horizontal line in the neck or "shelf". Checkered board look to the medium brownish back with white. We had good close looks through our scopes, as close as 100 yrds. We carefully covered the reservoir but didn't walk up the creek to powerhouse. We had nine species of ducks.

Overholtz photos: