Re: Western Bluebird Communal Roost, Finkbeiner Forest

Observers: Debby Parker
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 02/28/2008
Time: 12:16 PM -0500


Amazing! What a discovery. Yes, the Western Bluebirds seem to be wintering in the field and woods west & east of Brockman Lane (Finkbeiner Forest) and now we know about their cozy quarters. I have read that birds spend winter nights in woodpecker holes etc., so here is a perfect example. There have been a few other Western Bluebird flocks this winter, Dixon Lane bridge east & Warm Springs Rd. at the corrals with good willow habitat & watered ditches. I've seen many more Westerns this winter than Mountains. We had Mountains yesterday in the fields S of Bishop Sewer Ponds, only a handful. Exciting discovery for you !