Rocking K & the Owens River today

Observers: Debby Parker, Ron & Nancy Overholtz, Steve MacLaughlin & Jan Bowers, Kathy Duvall
Date: 04/02/2008
Time: 05:06 PM -0500

Highlights were Lawrence's Goldfinch which Nancy spotted, got the group on & photographed, she alos spotted our First of Spring House Wren, with Kathy spotting an Orange-crowned Warbler, another one showed up, Rufous Hummingbird males, Cassin's Finches, Hermit Thrush & Mt. Chickadees & two Oregon Juncos. Later Deb drove out to Owens River w. of Nik & Nik's ponds and had a male Common Yellowthroat which is our First of Spring.

LAGO photos by Nancy Overholtz

Photos by Debby Parker: