Rosy Finch Variant in Aspendell

Observers: Sharon Ford
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 04/11/2008
Time: 11:41 AM -0400


In the late afternoon, at my feeding area I observed a Rosy Finch with no gray hindcrown. It has a black forecrown fading to brown midway on its head, there are faint silver streaks on the sides of its head, fading to brown toward the rear. There is no evidence of gray at the rear of the head. This could be the same bird that I saw 3 years ago up here, that I reported as a Brown Rosy Finch. In David Sibley's guide he shows a "variant" on the Brown Rosy Finch that looks like this bird. I've looked for it again every year, but haven't seen it until now. It may not be the bird I observed back then, but is marked the same. It's color is drabby brown, and very little pink showing, just a faint bit on the shoulder and some on the flank toward its tail. April, 10, 2008.