Western Tanagers & more at Bishop City Park, singing Cassin's Vireo along canal

Observers: D.Parker, B.Mitchel, N. & R. Overholtz, P. & R. Lagomarsini, Steve McLaughlin and Jan Bowers, Maria Dzul, Claus and Connie Engelhardt
Email: j.parkeratcebridge.net
Date: 04/23/2008
Time: 10:04 PM -0400

There were 3 male Western Tanagers together in one cottonwood, a medium morph Swainson's Hawk flying away from us in the distance toward main st. and we just managed to get the marks seeing narrow pointed wings, white rump and dark gray back and upper wings, and on the underside, paler underwing coverts and dark flight feathers. A distinct dark carpal mark (at the wing wrist) contrasted nicely with the paler underwing coverts. A Black-headed Grosbeak & Black-chinned hummer male were near feeders at the back of the park. The vireo was singing along the canal n. of E. Line st. bridge and we had a Dusky Flycatcher. A Road Runner was singing from a Willow tree. Bullock's Orioles too.

Dusky Flycatcher
Western Tanager