White-faced Ibis, School Street pasture no. of Big Pine

Observers: Connie Spenger
Email: cspenger@usamedia.tv
Verification: MONO
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Date: 04/27/2008
Time: 09:58 PM -0400


A flock of White-faced Ibis was feeding in the ponds created by sheet-irrigation of the pasture on the west side of School Street. This was a life bird for me, so I didn't know about the differences between it and the Glossy ibis. However, since no Glossy ibis have ever been seen here, acc. to Sibley, I can safely say they were White-faced. There wasn't a speck of white on them, at least not apparent, since I was driving by, and they wheeled and took off when the car came by. We have also had many migrants in our willows, including a Townsend's warbler, and the other day, a yellowthroat hopped onto the patio.