crowly lake migration birds

Observers: steve brad
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 05/01/2008
Time: 06:48 PM -0400


I birded the Crowly lake inlet from 7 to 9 this am 35 breeding plummage DUNLIN, 32 mostly all if not all LB DOWITCHERS, 2 WISON SNIPES, 2 hundred or so RED NECK PHALAROPE , 6 WILSON PHALAROPE, half a dozen WESTERN SP, 100 LEAST SP, 100 plus SEMI PALMATED PLOVER, 3 BONAPART GULLS the east side of lake is much birdier today than the west side was on monday early am I heard my first ever in old mammoth EURASIAN COLLARD DOVE up on Mammoth mountain ski mountain, 4 GREY-CROWN ROSY-FINCHES, 1 near the top and 3 others on the front side chair 3.

steve brad.

Encinitas/Mammoth Lakes