2 FRANKLIN GULL crowly lake

Observers: steve brad
Email: stevebrad1@earthlink.net
Verification: MONO
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Date: 05/02/2008
Time: 06:35 PM -0400


This morning at 9am at Leyton springs...I think thats the name, I observed 2 frgu at the waters edge I was 30 yards from birds with the sun at my back birds were adults, black hood, small reddish blackish bills, dark legs, large white spots or windows on dark primary tips, bold white eye arcs I took photos which are fine for documentation if anyone is interested at 930 or so birds were 100 yards out in the lake so they may or may not be around PHALAROPE CORRECTION there were 1000 phalaropes in pond by mammoth dump today. I had much better looks than yesterday, mostly all are WILSONS PHALAROPES, with a few RED NECKED, yesterdays sightings I had it backwards 5000 plus or minus a lot CAL GULLS in same pond, 10 LB DOWITHERS, few WESTERN SP,1 SEMIPALMATED PLOVER steve brad encinitas/mammoth lakes