Re: Cactus Wren and Yellow headed blackbirds 5 Bridges

Observers: Andy Tomaselli, Chico
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 05/03/2008
Time: 09:01 AM -0400


Based on the fact that a cactus wren has never been observed in this area, I am humbly retracting this sighting. I too have never seen one outside of Joshua Tree portions of the Mojave. I did not carefully observe the bird's details to make a definitive claim. I was just making a knee-jerk observation based on past experience. After pouring over the possibilities and internet photos, It is highly likely that I was looking at a Bendire's Thrasher (Which WOULD have been a life bird for me). I thought my down-curved-bill bird had an eye line and too chunky for thrasher but am only familiar with many Cal Thrasher's and one Le Contes years ago. Many thanks to Howard for replying to this post and to Justine Hite' e-mailing from offshore Chile.