China Ranch Migrants

Observers: Carl Lundblad
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 05/04/2008
Time: 08:10 PM -0400


The China Ranch Date Farm was predicatably loaded with migrants this morning. Vagrants were not forthcoming but diversity was good and included: Hummingbirds: Anna's, Costa's, Black-chinned, and CALLIOPE (2) Flycatchers: Dusky, Gray, Olive-sided, W. Wood-pewee, BROWN-CRESTED (3), Ash-throated, Say's Vireos: Warbling (abundant), Cassin's, and Bell's Gnatcathers: Blue-gray and Black-tailed (the later resident) Warblers: Lucys's, NASHVILLE, Orange-crowned, Yellow, Yellow-rumped, TOWNSEND'S (4), HERMIT (1), Wilsons (~50), and C. Yellowthroat (no chat) Tanagers: Western (6) and Summer (1-2) Grosbeaks/Buntings: Black-headed and Lazuli Sparrow: Lincoln's and White-crowned Orioles: Bullocks and Hooded Carl Lundblad Amargosa Valley, NV