Inyo County Birds 5/1

Observers: Steve Glover
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 05/07/2008
Time: 12:54 PM -0400


Hi all, On 4/31 in Inyo County I had the following. After camping on Sageflat Rd. I awoke to at least one Acorn Woodpecker (not heard in several hours the afternoon before), a Nashville Warbler, 2 Green-tailed Towhees, a male Costa's Hummingbird and a Lewis's Woodpecker at the Sierra Glen Ranch. The Acorn Woodpecker was seen once at the Sierra Glen Ranch but was heard several times back down the canyon. A Whimbrel was at the south end of Little Lake. An Osprey was along the western shore of Owens Lake. Along Whitney Portal were numerous migrants including 7 Western Tanagers, 5+ Gray Flycatchers, and an Olive-sided Flycatcher. A kestrel seemed out-of-place at 8000 ft. I stopped at Tinnemaha after John Sterling told me about a Pacific Loon. I refound it and his two Common Loons, as well as the three continuing Franklin's Gulls. Steve Glover Dublin, CA