Sageflat Rd. 5/4

Observers: Steve Glover
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 05/07/2008
Time: 01:15 PM -0400


Hi all, On the way out of dodge, Frances Oliver and I birded Sageflat Rd. in southern Inyo. This is the 4th time I birded this road during the week. It still amazes me how infrequently some of the birds known to be present decide to call or sing. Hours passed without a peep out of the Acorn Woodecker (s?), Oak Titmice and California Towhees. Highlights on this morning included: At least 3 Cassin's Finches perched and 4 other flyovers, 3 Gray Flycatchers, a Hammond's Flycatcher, a Townsend's Warbler, a Hermit Thrush, a female Phainopepla, 2 singing California Thrashers, a singing male Scott's Oriole, Oak Titmouse, California Towhee, an apparent pair (possibly nesting at the Sierra Glen Ranch), Clark's Nutcracker and a male Calliope Hummingbird at the end of the road. Cool place! Steve Glover Dublin, CA