Blackpoll Warbler

Observers: Sean Fitzgerald
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 05/23/2008
Time: 04:23 PM -0400


Alternate plumaged male seen at close range at Amargosa Canyon this morning from 930-1005AM. The following field marks were noted: Complete black cap, black lateral throat stripe, white cheek and lores, contrasting dark streaking along flanks, strong white wing bars, completely white breast and undertail coverts, short tail with small white flash in the outer tips of the outer rectrices in flight, and pinkish colored legs. Was present 1.5 km south of Tecopa on the west side of the trail. It was in a large mixed flock of warblers (~30 Wilsons, 10 Yellow, 8 Orange-crowned, 2 Townsends) which were primarily foraging low in the Quailbush that predominates that hillside. All above field marks were noted in the field at the time and I also was able to take a rough sketch of the bird. Good luck to anyone who tries to refind it!