Magnolia Warbler at Shoshone 5/24, other sightings from Memorial Day weekend

Observers: Matt Brady & Ryan Terrill
Verification: MONO
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Date: 05/27/2008
Time: 09:51 PM -0400


Hi Birders. Sorry for the late post, but on May 24th I found an adult male MAGNOLIA WARBLER at the RV park at Shoshone. It was also glimpsed by Ryan Terrill, but remained elusive for the rest of our group. A 'ruber' (eastern) SUMMER TANAGER was there also. Furnace Creek Ranch was rather quiet on both the 24th and the 25th, but a PEREGRINE FALCON, a COOPER'S HAWK and a SWAINSON'S HAWK there were nice. On the 23rd, Ryan Terrill and I located a singing male HOODED WARBLER at Deep Springs College, while Adam Searcy found a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH. Oscar Johnson found a female PURPLE MARTIN sitting on some wires between the college and the pond. There were also many western migrants. On the 25th we were able to relocate Sean Fitzgeralds stunning male BLACKPOLL WARBLER at Amargosa Canyon. Good vagrant hunting, Matt Brady Santa Cruz