Bishop Bowl Birds

Observers: William Mitchel
Email: williamdotmitchelatusamediadottv
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 06/02/2008
Time: 11:11 PM -0400


On a hike today starting near Intake II, heading northwest up into the Jeffrey Pine forest and then south to the end of the road above Aspendell, the dominant bird was the Green-tailed Towhee. They were singing, perched on Bitterbrush and Sagebrush from Intake II up to the end of the road at 9500 ft. Several Western Wood-Pewees were heard (FOS for me) along with Northern Flickers, Mountain Chickadees, Steller's Jays and Brewer's Sparrows (I'm pretty sure). At the top of the Jeffrey Pine forest I found two American Kestrels, one providing food for the other. No Mountain Bluebirds were found although they are usually seen in the spring at the edge of the forest. The upper part of the hike was along the boundary of the proposed wilderness area near Horse Creek and it was quite apparent that this land deserves wilderness protection. It was a very good day!