Indigo Buntings nesting - Amargosa Canyon

Observers: Sean Fitzgerald
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 06/04/2008
Time: 10:42 PM -0400


This morning I found a nest being built by a female Indigo Bunting in the same area where there has been a male Indigo Bunting singing for over two weeks. I was able to get very close views of the female and I'm 99% sure that she is a Indigo. I was able to see a contrasting white throat and slightly darker streaking on the breast, and there were no wing bars. They remarkable thing was that I additionally observed two other male Indigo Buntings today in the canyon. One was a second year male that may be the same bird that I've been seeing farther south in the canyon. There was also a totally different adult male that was singing at the far northern part of the canyon over a mile north of the adult that is paired up with the female. There were several male Lazuli's still moving through today as well. Other birds were slow today, but many empids are still moving through (Western, Dusky, and Hammond's today).