White-eyed Vireo today in the upper Buttermilks Inyo Co.

Observers: Jim & Debby Parker, Marie Dzul, Jon Dunn and Debbie House
Email: j.parkeratcebridge.net
Verification: MONO
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Date: 06/15/2008
Time: 09:40 PM -0400

Yes, this is the second White-eyed Vireo found this weekend in our area. The first was in Mono County (see Debbie House's post of yesterday) and today the second was found by Jim and myself and Maria while doing bird surveys for Friends of Inyo in the Buttermilks. While we only had very brief looks, Debby recorded the distinct & unmistakable song of this vireo and brought it home and compared to the song of the White-eyed Vireo, a match. Deb phoned Jon and he came over ASAP with Debbie and when he heard the tape said that's it, let's go see it. So up into the Buttermilks we went for our second long hike of the day and at around 3:30 PM the bird was still present. More recording of it singing, good looks and photos taken by Debbie House. The location is west of Grouse Mt. up a riparian drainage across the dirt road just below a snow patch that you can see from the road. It's quite a hike.

Debbie House photo: