Northern Parula - Amargosa Canyon

Observers: Sean Fitzgerald and Brie Anderson
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 06/16/2008
Time: 05:59 PM -0400

Brie and I observed this bird at close range at 11:10AM at Amargosa Canyon. We flushed it up from a small trickle of water that crosses the trail where it had been bathing. The yellow throat, greyish body, white above and below the eye, pale lower mandible, small white wing bars, and greenish mantle were all observed. A small amount of red could barely be seen on the breast so I suspect this bird is a female. Since the bird had been bathing, it was more difficult to observe the colors. Luckily the bird was curious enough to respond to my pishing and I was able to get a record shot of it through my binoculars before it disappeared. Three singing Indigo Buntings were also present in the canyon, and the previously reported nesting attempt failed after less than 70% of the nest has been constructed. White-winged Doves also remain in the canyon.