Indigo x Lazuli Buntings - Amargosa and Shoshone

Observers: Sean Fitzgerald
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 06/25/2008
Time: 06:48 PM -0400


Yesterday (6/24) I observed an apparent hybrid male Indigo x Lazuli Bunting on the northern half of Amargosa Canyon. Today I found a different hybrid INBU x LAZB just east of the town of Shoshone in the "riparian" zone. The birds had different degrees of white on the underbelly; yesterday's bird had some blue splotching in the otherwise white underbelly while today's bird had a clearly defined demarcation of white separating from the blue on the breast. There are at least two pure Indigo Buntings continuing at Amargosa Canyon but I have not observed the female Indigo Bunting since their attempted nest failed. Not many other birds of note, but a "Western" type Flycatcher struck me as little late this morning. A Cactus Wren continues to actively sing from various palm trees in the residential portion of Shoshone.