Northern Parula Warbler today

Observers: Parkers
Date: 07/05/2008
Time: 03:45 PM -0400

Photographed and heard singing a buzzy song, this male Parula Warbler has some unusual coloration for the species. The excessive black in the upper breast isn't typical, we thought the tailspots were gray on this bird not the typical which is mostly white with dark tips, and streaking on the sides isn't shown in the field guides. While this species is rare in Inyo, they are really rare for this month, not sure how many records there are for Inyo in July but we were happy to find it. Also unusual in Birchim are two, singing Western Wood Pewees (they've been here for last month) and a singing Black-headed Grosbeak who has also been here for the last month. These two would normally be nesting at higher elevation.