Sandhill Crane at Bridgeport 7/9/2008

Observers: Kris Olson
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 07/09/2008
Time: 09:01 PM -0400


Today, while driving from Lee Vining to the Bay Area via Bridgeport, I stopped on 395 to scope the lake on my right -- roughly 9:45 AM. In addition to roughly 50 American White Pelicans (and unidenfiable ducks), I saw a single Sandhill Crane. When I zoomed in to almost 60 power, I could see the red on top of its head and white on its face. The back was rusty brown. Since I don't see this on my rather old printed Mono County Bird List, nor on the Mono Comittee web bird list, I thought I would pass it along.