Gray-crowned Rosy Finches @ Virgina Lakes Resort

Observers: Kris Olson
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 07/09/2008
Time: 09:12 PM -0400


A great find for visiting birders wishing to see Gray-crowned Rosy Finches: the Resort at Lower Virginia Lake, owned by John and Carolyn Webb, puts out seed daily for birds (squirrels and chipmunks). Yesterday afternoon I visited, and John refreshed the seed and scared the 20 Cowbirds away. Presto! In came a Rosy Finch to feast at the feeder. It came back 4 or 5 times in a few minutes. A pair of Cassins Finches and a pair of Pine Siskins also came in. You can sit on the porch and take some great photos. Since John was so gracious to refill the feeder for me, I made sure to buy some things in his store, including some lovely gift cards created by his wife Carolyn. John says that the Rosy Finches will be at the feeder another month or 6 weeks. They apparently start coming as soon as he opens the resort the end of May. He also has Evening Grosbeaks at times (I checked again at 6:30AM, rougly when he refills the feeders)-- no luck. I met two Londoners this AM on the road into Bodie. Having seen their Sage Grouse early (hen and chicks by a little creek) and Sage Sparrows, they set off to see the Rosy Finches. John and Carolyn have seen a Bald Eagle this year and saw one with a juvenile last year. I lucked into an adult feeding at Ellery Lake yesterday evening.