Pine Creek Birds

Observers: Ron & Nancy Overholtz, Rosie Howard, Steve McLaughlin & Jan Bowers, Kathy Duvall, Larry Arbanas and Bill Mitchel
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Date: 07/23/2008
Time: 09:01 PM -0400

This morning (23 July) a group of us took a walk through the forest along Pine Creek starting at the trailhead near the pack station and finishing where the trail leaves the forest and enters aspen and sagebrush territory. Highlights of the day were hearing a winter wren and watching two white-headed woodpeckers, male and female red-breasted sapsuckers plus two red-breasted sapsucker juveniles. One of the juveniles was interesting to watch as it was working on its flying and foraging skills. Other birds we saw were western tanager ( two females), american kestrel (two), rufous hummingbird (several), steller's jay (several), black-headed grosbeak, red-breasted nuthatch, oregon junco, orange-crowned warbler (several), hairy woodpecker, warbling vireo, calliope hummingbird and american robin. Also seen were Olive-sided Flycatcher, "Western" Flycatcher, and possible Black-chinned Hummingbird.  Overall, it was a very good day.  

White-headed Woodpecker:
Juv Red-breasted Sapsucker:
Adult Red-breasted Sapsucker:
Possible Black-chinned Hummingbird: