Roadrunners in Hammil Valley

Observers: Don Lewis
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 07/28/2008
Time: 07:37 PM -0400


On July 23, I saw a Roadrunner sitting in the top of a willow bush (in addition to the usual Blue Grosbeak), seen from the road along the west side of Hammil Valley, just west of the alfalfa fields. On July 24, there was a Roadrunner in nearby Red Rock Canyon, along the lower part of Chidago Canyon Road. Perhaps these are not news but I've never seen one in the area before, and to see two was nice. I have a poor photo of the one in the canyon, if anyone is interested. Of minor interest, there was a male Redhead on Lake George, elevation 9008 feet, from at least July 13 to 24. I never saw it fly or feed and it seemed fairly used to humans but I can't believe that it would be an escapee or, if so, where from. Don Lewis Lafayette, CA