norhtern paurula, american bittern, black terns

Observers: steve brad
Verification: MONO
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Date: 08/24/2008
Time: 06:01 PM -0400


i saw the Nopa, found by J.D Parker, at birchin canyon at around 1pm, the bird was about 75 yards down the trail, I located the bird as he was chipping, sounds like a orange crown warbler chip to me, the wide black band has lots more white flecking interspersed than the last time i saw him a couple of weeks ago American Bittern( NOT juvi black crown night heron) at Klondike, just off the dirt road that goes east from 395, bird was skulking around in the reeds, very long neck, long pointed light colored bill, frequently stopping/freezing, looking straight up with out stretched neck the moon which just happened to be overhead also at Klondike 50 black terns in various stages of molt, none that I got a good look at had black heads. a few had black chests, most were white underneath, birds were buzzing all around the lake dipping at the water as blte are known to do I am doing the mono shore bird count on monday, I`m doing the short shift ie 8am to about 12, anyone wanting to car pool email me or call 760 2745256 steve brad mamoth lakes/encinitas