Long-tailed Jaeger at Rush Creek Delta at Mono Lake

Observers: Justin Hite, Stella Moss, Santiago Escruceria
Email: justinhiteatgmaildotcom
Date: 09/04/2008
Time: 10:19 PM -0400

On my way back from Crowley I decided on a last minute detour down to the Rush delta before heading back in to Lee Vining. After about a half an hour just sitting on the bluff enjoying the company of bathing California Gulls, I noticed a brownish bird walking around on one of the sandbars. Another juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger! Bi-colored bill (dark at the end, bluish at the base), clean unstreaked pale nape, white windows only on the under surface of the wings, and very small and dainty size. It was injured, and flopped it's way into the grasses at the edge of the delta, unable to fly. Stella and Santiago joined me, and we got about 50' from it, trying not to disturb it. It just sat there, preening. Coyote food tonight?