8 Sanderlings, 3 Baird's, 1 Sabine's Gull at Mono Lake

Observers: Justin Hite and Kathy Kelley
Email: justinhiteatgmaildotcom
Date: 09/09/2008
Time: 09:12 PM -0400

We had a nice early morning trip to the Rush Delta, where the only shorebirds other than a few Killdeer were 8 Sanderlings (all juvs) and 3 Baird's Sandpipers (also juvs). A high count for Sanderling in the Eastern Sierra for me, before now i've only ever seen two at a time. Couldn't refind the Bobolink. Also, a juv Sabine's Gull was seen near East Navy Beach, where we also watched a Prairie Falcon slam into an unidentified peep. And Eared Grebe numbers are building, slowly but surely. I can't wait to marvel at their insane multitudes in October.