adult Parasitic Jaeger and juv Sabine's Gull at Rush Delta

Observers: Justin Hite
Email: justinhiteatgmaildotcom
Date: 09/15/2008
Time: 02:25 PM -0400

I ran down to the Rush Delta this mornign at 7:15, and within two minutes of my arrival an adult Parastic Jaeger was streaking through the flock of California Gulls, singling out individual gulls, and aggressively putting those well-honed kleptoparastic practices into effect. Yellow face, dark breast band, white windows in the wings, and longish straight (untwisted) central tail feathers streaming behind. It was in the area (and in constant motion) for about 20 minutes, eventually departing at the same moment that a juv Sabine's Gull chose to arrive. Also, a Nashville Warbler was in the willows a few hundred yards up from the delta with a large group (20+) of Orange-crowned Warblers.