pectoral sp, sabines crowley lake

Observers: steve brad nancy states
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 09/25/2008
Time: 04:09 PM -0400


thanks to justine h and christy n. for helping me improve my ids of pesa and sagu yesterday the pesa was present at 9 am same place as yesterday, western side of pennisula where you can take the road running by the lek down to near the lake, bird was with 100 or so peeps mostly least sp. 2 sabines gulls seen, one near the floating outhouse in the same general area, 1 hatch year bird at the south end of penninsula Perhaps lower numbers of sagu as there was no wind blowing at the time? Not that many birds in general were flying around Nancy and I also did layton springs to the inlet, Large numbers of ducks, maybe thousands, nothing unusual jumped out at me, we did not carefully sort thru the birds, no sandpipers or gulls seen other than one ring bill in this stretch of the lake, PEREGRINE FALCON scraffing the lake was fun to see steve brad encinitas/mammoth lakes