jaeger, sabines, common tern crowly lake

Observers: steve brad nancy states
Email: stevebrad1@earthlink.net
Verification: MONO
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Date: 09/26/2008
Time: 03:31 PM -0400


spent 2 hours doing the first half of the peninsula western side of crowly 3 sabines 2 common terns, black nape, dark bill , carpel bars 1 jaegar cruised by and landed on nearby island, glint in wings, brownish bird so probably a juv, got great looks at the slender bill so probably not a pomarine, could not see anything helpful at end of tail, most likely parasitic 300 plus PEEPS , 80 percent least sp we did not see any other larger sandpipers in the groups, certainly does not mean other species wern`t present 7 dowitchers, one a juvi as it had a lot of rufous, I don`t know expected juvi sp at this time of year, justine reported short bills at mono so maybe short bills? no phalaropes yesterday or today, quite a few 3 days ago steve brad encinitas/mammoth lakes