crowly early am

Observers: steve brad Ken Wells nancy states
Verification: MONO
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Date: 09/27/2008
Time: 02:41 PM -0400


before ken had to go to work at the DO IT YOURSELF CENTER, great place to check in with Ken to see whats in the area, we birded the wesern pennisula and magee bay{area west of pennisula] 7 to 830 am 8 SABINES, 4 hatch year birds on near shore at end of pennisula, other 4 near floating outhouse standing on near shore island east of floasting outhouse PARASITIC JAEGAR, same place yesterday, much better views in good light today hundreds of peeps, nada mas 40 sage I mean SOOTY GROUSE flew in front of the car lek area 1 probably 2 COMMON TERN at end of pennisula steve brad encinitas/mammoth lakes