Board Members & Committee Chairs

Eastern Sierra Audubon is an all-volunteer non-profit. We have no offices, but volunteer board members may be contacted at home (see contact information below), or you may email us at

Chapter Officers:

  • President: Santiago M. Escruceria
  • Vice-President: OPEN – Interested? Contact any board member!
  • Secretary: Ann Hoffmann
  • Treasurer: Lacey Greene

Other Board Members:

  • Lynn Butler
  • Jeff Gabriel
  • Bart Godett
  • Nora Livingston
  • Erin Nordin
  • Dannique Aalbu

Maybe YOU? Join the board – contact any board member if you are interested!

Committee Chairs:

  • Birds in the Classroom: Maggie Riley
  • Christmas Bird Count Coordinator: Chris Howard
  • Climate Watch Coordinator: Nora Livingston
  • Conservation: OPEN – interested? Contact any Board Member!
  • COSA Coordinator: Ann Hoffmann
  • Education: Lynn Butler
  • Field Trips: OPEN – interested? Contact any Board Member!
  • Membership: Ann Hoffmann
  • Owens Lake Big Days Coordinator: Michael Prather
  • Owens Lake and Lower Owens River IBAs: Michael Prather
  • Programs: Erin Nordin
  • Scholarship: Ann Hoffmann
  • Merchandise: Lynn Butler and Bart Godett
  • Website: Dannique Aalbu
  • Yard Sale: OPEN – interested? Contact any Board Member!

To conserve and restore natural ecosystems.