Birding Hotspots

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Map of birding hot spots

Lake Crowley Area

  1. Crowley Lake

Bishop Area

  1. Birchim Canyon
  2. Rosy Finches at Aspendell
  3. Farmer’s Pond
  4. Bishop Sewer Ponds
  5. Brockman Lane Area
  6. Nik and Nik Gravel Ponds

Big Pine Area

  1. Warren and Klondike Lakes
  2. Baker Creek Meadows
  3. Steward Lane
  4. Tinemaha Reservoir

Lone Pine Area

  1. Diaz Lake
  2. Cottonwood Marshes
  3. Dirty Socks Hot Springs
  4. Keeler Wetlands
  5. North Haiwee Reservoir (Closed to the public)
  6. Cartago Marsh (PDF)

A more extensive map is available at the Eastern Sierra Birding Trail

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